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Paintsballs ans Beers!

PaintballThese here issa fos das bros onlys. Much appologies chers. Wessa just needs us somes males bondins. Issa havins a paintballs fields puts ups fos das days nexts toos das IOP Maison, stratins das grills all days, ans havins ups Kegs delivers. Whossa with meh? All dudes welcomes. 7pm cst – IOP Maison.


Hello Kitty Arch Angel At It Again

‘Tis was the night after the season 2 Finale of True Blood. And all around the IOP house not a thong was starring, not even a butt.

Punk Kitty Angel“IOPs wake up,” boomed the Hello Kitty Arch Angel. Her voice could be heard loud and powerful all over the IOP Maison. “I come baring gift,” she snickered.

As the IOPs all sat in bed wondering what the heck was going on the Hello Kitty Arch Angel continued her speech. “As True Blood season 2 comes to an end, us at the Hello Kitty Heaven have decided to grant you being human until Season 3 starts. You shall keep your current names, and will continue your duties as items. For example iFluffy, you will continue to comfort Bill. Celly, if Hoyt needs to make a call you will do that for him. And so on with the rest of you. Now raise your hand who wants to accept the change? Oh a lot of you do that’s freaking awesome. I noticed iKick is not here but for the heck of it, and since he is human I’ll keep him that way.”

“We at Hello Kitty Heaven hope you use this gift to your benefit. And like that’s totally all. Bye.”

As the Hello Kitty Arch Angel made a dramatic exit from the IOP Maison, glitter-magic clouds and all, the IOPs started to shift their human forms. Check them out:


Das IOP Frat House

Issa likes Animal House all ovah agains *chuckling* Sos as yous knows we has us an IOP Maison all thanks toos iSwipe. Das house has a large common room, and bedrooms where IOP memebers cans share. Celly & iSwipe are roomates and we have decorated ours rooms. Yous can doos das sames. Happy frat house! *chuckling* iSlap and iCheeks are nows roomies.



IOP BBQ for all of Bon Temps and surrounding areas

BBQIOP is inviting all, and yes that includes the black-eye zombies, folks on steak-outs, folks stuck in Gran’s house or elsewhere in the state of LA, to a BBQ at our new “Maison”  at 06:00 PM EST or for those in the armed forces 18:00 hrs.


From @SookiesHouse:

Take the path north-east thru the cemetery. Its the mausoleum in Egyptian inspired design. [you cant miss it, the picnic tables are in front of it].  From @VampireBill house take the path in a south-west direction towards the cemetery. You will see the back of the mausoleum, you can’t miss it, at the moment there is a big dumpster behind it collecting all the construction debris.

We expect to see you all, food and beverages will be provided but if you want to bring more please do so, we would never turn down southern good manners.



Cheese Dip

Cold Slaw

Corn on the Cob

Green Beans,

Fried oakra

Baked Beans with Pork {we found a big pig, no heart but lots of meat}

All kinds of meats courtesy of the @Meat_Tree in @SookieBonTemps yard

Corn Bread

For Dessert we will have Key Lime pie, Cheescake, Tiramisu (for the continental folks), Jello (for the locals), Ice cream.


Full bar, including plenty of TrueBlood and non-alcoholic beverages for those formerly in AA or watching their weight.

See you all there,

Regards, The IOP


These were made by your two hands

The first gift is self explanatory

erics star

The second gift I made with my two hands while he was sleeping and I promise Eric, I will get the humans out of the basement and I will get rid of the smell *mumbles* They were only down there for two weeks its not that gross yet!


The third present is because I want to see Sookie’s face when he jumps out in these

erics underwear

Yours truley ~Erics Hands


EricNorthman’s why we love him list

I compiled this list from all his followers while he was sleeping
Erics Bday card!


IOP Mentioned on

Us heres at IOP wanna sends much thanks to Emma Chasin-Rappaport from Shessa mentions us crazies ins her recents blog. Much thanks Miss Emma!

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