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Team Tony

The nickname has spread! As the originator, @Were_Quinn has given me the position of Chairman [LIKE A BOSS] and @HoytsCell the position of Vice Chairman.  I am proud to present to you just a glimpse at the products that are going to be made and available to order to support Team Tony.  It is with great pleasure that I -with some inside connections- can make available these products to you and yours truly by the next fight. @Were_Quinn hosts friendly fight nights and we all know and support @Were_Quinn, so why not show it? Without further chatter I bring you the Fall 2009 Team Tony collection that will be made available to you as soon as the boxes arrive.

Who says we have to let Ed Hardy ruin what tigers mean to us! GO TEAM TONY!

The official Team Tony Fight Song is brought to you by none other than Survivor-Eye of The Tiger



Team Tony Fight Song

Team Tony Fight Song



Anyone willing to be a LIVE mascot at the fights please apply to me via DM on Twitter. [] Below is what your costume will look like.


The first 5 people at the next fight will receive this EXCLUSIVE box of Frosted Flakes


And the rest will receive these FREE stickers



So grab your kids…



And grab your pets…





and come show support for TEAM TONY!


@were_quinn At Das IOP Maison

Mister Quinn sure does love him das IOP Maison. Hessa was hangins out yesterdays in our pads ans has him way toos much funs. Checks it out:


@EatATChowPings Dumpling Tweets ..

…Confucius was wise, Ping is the Bon Temps Version



Bad For Business, no white lady work for asian. Not look good for Ping!


You come to Ping’s you pay cash


You silly white lady. Ping no like Blondes. You go brown head. Then Ping hit dat.

Ping look like Jackie Chan lady. Do good moves in bed. Get numshucks, show white lady abt asian persuasion.


What you think this is lady? We not homeless shelter. Go whore on street,make more money. Then get polish change.

Ping not sure @EricNorthma protect Ping.

Ping Sell V once. Hide in fortune cookie. Make good money!


IOP BBQ for all of Bon Temps and surrounding areas

BBQIOP is inviting all, and yes that includes the black-eye zombies, folks on steak-outs, folks stuck in Gran’s house or elsewhere in the state of LA, to a BBQ at our new “Maison”  at 06:00 PM EST or for those in the armed forces 18:00 hrs.


From @SookiesHouse:

Take the path north-east thru the cemetery. Its the mausoleum in Egyptian inspired design. [you cant miss it, the picnic tables are in front of it].  From @VampireBill house take the path in a south-west direction towards the cemetery. You will see the back of the mausoleum, you can’t miss it, at the moment there is a big dumpster behind it collecting all the construction debris.

We expect to see you all, food and beverages will be provided but if you want to bring more please do so, we would never turn down southern good manners.



Cheese Dip

Cold Slaw

Corn on the Cob

Green Beans,

Fried oakra

Baked Beans with Pork {we found a big pig, no heart but lots of meat}

All kinds of meats courtesy of the @Meat_Tree in @SookieBonTemps yard

Corn Bread

For Dessert we will have Key Lime pie, Cheescake, Tiramisu (for the continental folks), Jello (for the locals), Ice cream.


Full bar, including plenty of TrueBlood and non-alcoholic beverages for those formerly in AA or watching their weight.

See you all there,

Regards, The IOP


iSwipe issa jealousness!

Ans issa has meh das proof *snikering*

Jealous iSwipe

Is cans dies a happiness celly nows!


Cross Dressings True Blood Style

Iffa yous saw last nights episodes offfa True Blood, yous know wes hads us somes cross dressings; Lafayette imagenings Lettie Mae wassa Eric pontings a gun ats hims. Is almost fell off mah chargers when issa saws das.

Miss Sookie posted pictures on heres tumblrs fos yous toos sees. So here’s das links to hers post:

Visit Sookie Bon Temps

Enjoys yous,


Mah Art Projects

*snickering* Issa loves meh mah signs das Issa stick behinds iSwipes back. Miss Sookeh calles its Evil Love? Issa likes das!


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