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Team Tony

The nickname has spread! As the originator, @Were_Quinn has given me the position of Chairman [LIKE A BOSS] and @HoytsCell the position of Vice Chairman.  I am proud to present to you just a glimpse at the products that are going to be made and available to order to support Team Tony.  It is with great pleasure that I -with some inside connections- can make available these products to you and yours truly by the next fight. @Were_Quinn hosts friendly fight nights and we all know and support @Were_Quinn, so why not show it? Without further chatter I bring you the Fall 2009 Team Tony collection that will be made available to you as soon as the boxes arrive.

Who says we have to let Ed Hardy ruin what tigers mean to us! GO TEAM TONY!

The official Team Tony Fight Song is brought to you by none other than Survivor-Eye of The Tiger



Team Tony Fight Song

Team Tony Fight Song



Anyone willing to be a LIVE mascot at the fights please apply to me via DM on Twitter. [] Below is what your costume will look like.


The first 5 people at the next fight will receive this EXCLUSIVE box of Frosted Flakes


And the rest will receive these FREE stickers



So grab your kids…



And grab your pets…





and come show support for TEAM TONY!


Hello Kitty Arch Angel At It Again

‘Tis was the night after the season 2 Finale of True Blood. And all around the IOP house not a thong was starring, not even a butt.

Punk Kitty Angel“IOPs wake up,” boomed the Hello Kitty Arch Angel. Her voice could be heard loud and powerful all over the IOP Maison. “I come baring gift,” she snickered.

As the IOPs all sat in bed wondering what the heck was going on the Hello Kitty Arch Angel continued her speech. “As True Blood season 2 comes to an end, us at the Hello Kitty Heaven have decided to grant you being human until Season 3 starts. You shall keep your current names, and will continue your duties as items. For example iFluffy, you will continue to comfort Bill. Celly, if Hoyt needs to make a call you will do that for him. And so on with the rest of you. Now raise your hand who wants to accept the change? Oh a lot of you do that’s freaking awesome. I noticed iKick is not here but for the heck of it, and since he is human I’ll keep him that way.”

“We at Hello Kitty Heaven hope you use this gift to your benefit. And like that’s totally all. Bye.”

As the Hello Kitty Arch Angel made a dramatic exit from the IOP Maison, glitter-magic clouds and all, the IOPs started to shift their human forms. Check them out:


@were_quinn At Das IOP Maison

Mister Quinn sure does love him das IOP Maison. Hessa was hangins out yesterdays in our pads ans has him way toos much funs. Checks it out:


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